What we do

Creating value is our job

Tuscania Real Estate was founded on this principle.

The real estate valuation starts from a careful and thorough commercial analysis of the property and the alignment of the technical, legal and fiscal documentation, so that each dossier in the virtual data room is complete.

Each property offered for sale is accompanied in our virtual data room by technical, legal and administrative documentation produced by our team of professionals at our care and expense.



Technical Service

Legal Service

Administrative Consultancy

  • • Residential property promotion;
  • • Luxury property promotion;
  • • Rental property promotion;
  • • Promotion and sale of properties in problematic situations;
  • • Promotion of division of real estate into indivicual units;
  • • Real estate auctions;
  • • Real estate valuation;
  • • Analyses, valuations for real estate disposals;
  • • Consulting for the valuation of residential, commercial, office, tourist-hotel and industrial real estate complexes;
  • • Consultancy and analysis of underlying real estate for the acquisition of NPLs (Non-Performing Loans) in Italy;
  • • Legal and tax consultancy in connection with the acquisition, disposal and management of real estate assets.

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